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It's werF your time


Read about Rob Krar today. Pretty legit!

This little champ made it through most of our 7 hour adventure today. Ended his day with an hour and a half backpack ride. #adventure #explore #dogsofinstagram #getoutside #travels #alice #hiking #hikingwithdogs

My husband the hero! Came upon a fire at the park we frequent with the dogs. Matt called 911, another person notified the house on the other side of the fence, threw a hose over, and Matt put the fire out just as the fire truck arrived. They hosed it down to ensure it didn’t flair up again. A spectator blamed it on some children. I’m more skeptical and believe he was irresponsible with a cigarette.

Holy Macaroni! Email sent! I’ve been following Chad for some time. Not only for his tattoos, but his #travels as well! I know he’ll book up fast! ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™
Let’s hope I’m lucky enough!
#tattoo #Denver #moretattoosplease #adventure

Repost from @chadkoeplinger —- Captured tattoo in Tustin California, and lifetime tattoo in Denver soon!

@fullermatthew new toy. @civilware

You can always tell when Jaxen received his steroids. #dogsofinstagram photos courtesy of @stephmwilliams

@nooceanview @quecke_the_destroyer this mug gets used sometimes. Missing you guys hard right now.

100 push-ups a day challenge on Mt. Evans 14,265 ft. @beardsandbarbells (at Mt. Evans)

Ice cream time after a long day in Colorado Springs. #sisterrrrrr (at Nuggs Ice Cream)